RoHS Statement of Compliance


Sparton Rugged Electronics under the brands Aydin & is absolutely committed to manufacturing products that are both safe to use and environmentally friendly. This includes providing products that are energy efficient, environmentally safe and capable of being recycled or disposed in a safe manner. An important part of this commitment includes the use of parts, devices and materials that are friendly to the environment. Every effort will be made to gather supplier statements of compliance to RoHS as we move forward. Some products already are compliant and others will have the ability to be sold as RoHS compliant in the future.

Certain customers, such as military, aerospace, or others, may still request non-compliant products. Customer demand and technical feasibility will determine which existing products will be adapted to meet the RoHS Directive and when such adaptations will occur. Products not selected for RoHS compliance redesign will continue to be available for sale, subject to the normal business and technical considerations that influence a decision to withdraw a particular product from the market.

Customer’s should be aware that products not redesigned for RoHS compliance are at higher risk of component obsolescence as we expect electronics component manufacturers to remove many non RoHS compliance parts from the market over the course of the next few years. If you have a need for a RoHS compliant product, please contact your Sparton Rugged Electronics Sales representative for further information.

We encourage our customers and partners to review the RoHS and WEEE Regulations.

For additional information on RoHS: