Stealth HMI Software


  • No Yearly Maintenance Fees or Renewals
  • Free Development / Design Software
  • Database Integration: SQL, DBF, CSV
  • Scripting (code) to perform specific actions
  • OPC client functionality
  • Historical & real-time trending
  • Scheduler & Data logging
  • Powerful graphic & animation toolbox
  • Text to speech notification
  • View Remotely on Android & iOS devices
  • KEP ServerEX PLC driver included

$2,255.00 USD

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What is Stealth HMI?

Stealth HMI Software is a versatile, feature rich & cost effective HMI/SCADA software solution for Industrial Automation.

The Stealth HMI software is designed for today’s open and increasingly connected world. Stealth HMI connects with all programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to provide an easy to use, open, scalable, secure platform to optimize the value of your operation.

Stealth HMI – Key Advantages

  • Stealth HMI is a fraction of the cost when compared to the competitors (up to 67% savings)
  • No yearly maintenance or support fees
  • Historical trending, data logging & alarming are included at no cost
  • Free development / design software
  • Local North American technical support
  • View Remotely on Android & iOS devices
  • Stable platform & program efficiency to eliminate unwanted crashes

Industries and Use

Stealth HMI is designed for use within industries such as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Power & Utilities, Water & Waste Water and Building Automation.

Typical applications will make use of Allen-Bradley, Fisher, GE, Honeywell, Modbus, OPC Connectivity, Siemens, and Toshiba, to name a few, PLC’s. This opens up the ability to make use of your IoT, IIoT, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), or any Industrial Automation type of installations / applications.

Software Versions

Stealth HMI software is offered in two versions, 512 Tags or Unlimited Tags. Tags are the address or registers of the PLCs or devices that the HMI / SCADA software connect to. For simple applications 512 Tags may be suitable, for more complex applications we have the Unlimited Tags option. Be confident with your purchase, you can upgrade from the 512 Tag version to the Unlimited Tags and only pay the difference.

Each version purchased comes with one type of interface Driver.  This driver is related to the communication protocol used to interface with PLCs. In the event additional drivers are needed, to interface to more than one type of communication protocol, these can be purchased at any time.

Bundle with a Stealth Computer

Our HMI software is an ideal fit for our Small Form Factor Mini PCs and Rackmount PC Servers. Stealth HMI can be bundled with our rugged computer systems or purchased separately.

Try Before you Buy

Test us out at no obligation! Our HMI software is fully functional with a limited run time and includes a Demo application to view as an example. Click on the Downloads tab to download and try it out today!

System Requirements

Development and Run Time environments support:
Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012
Embedded Standard: Microsoft Windows 7 Standard Embedded

Native PLC / Controller Tag Integration

Accomplished using KEPServerEX

Industry Standards

OPC (client and server), COM/DCOM, OLE, and HTML are supported.
Take advantage of common industry standards to develop applications that are compatible with any format.


Develop your application in one of development languages, including English, French, and Spanish.
Stealth-HMI supports all Windows Unicode fonts.
Translation tools are also available to switch the runtime to any language, even beyond the languages supported by the development environment.


And we support specialty functions such as SendKeys (send keystrokes to any Windows application), SpeakOut (text-to-speech), SendEmail, SelectLanguage, and more.
Stealth-HMI has a scripting language supporting the common programming functions.


Use 3rd party controls to enhance your project. Stealth-HMI is a container for ActiveX controls, allowing you to add functionality such as IP camera viewers.


Stealth-HMI includes support for user accounts with passwords and 256 access levels. Passwords can be changed in both Design and Run Mode.

Alarm Notification Support

Remote alarm notification – get alarm notifications on mobile phones and devices by email; real-time information on alarms, process values, and other events.
Stealth-HMI supports SSL encryption allowing the use of email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo.


Log events such as security system changes (user logon or off), screen open/ close, recipe/report operations, system warnings, and any tag value changes, including custom messages.
Stealth-HMI offers traceability for operator initiated actions or internal system activities.


Save time and maintain consistency by automating parameters and production quantities with flexible management tools, saving and retrieving data from CSV files.


Create clear, concise reports in Plain Text, DBF, and CSV and integrate with Microsoft Office programs such as Excel.
Get the data you need, in the format you need it, to quickly make informed decisions.