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Sparton Rugged Electronics (Sparton RE) begins every relationship by understanding that your needs are unique. We provide you with exceptional service, performance, and options – to fit your personalized needs.

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Dry Bonding

Aydin Displays specializes in lamination enhancements for industrial, defense, and marine LCD displays. Learn more about our system, and what our dry bonding technique can offer you.

Industrial Autoclave

When your components need enhanced lamination and curing, our autoclave system is ideal for complex shapes and materials - which need to be treated under elevated heat and pressure.


As of 2012 most marine vessels require an ECDIS equipped vessel - make sure your aren’t left behind. Aydin Displays is one of the few available providers of ECDIS display calibration and characterization.

Hardware Customization

From custom boards to branding and design schemas, Stealth and Aydin are industry leaders in building the (im)possible. We’ve worked with aerospace, marine, military, industrial, and educational requirements. There is no challenge we aren’t willing to take on.

Sparton RE Advantage


World Wide Reach

Aydin and Stealth have supplied units to our customers for use in some of the most hostile environments, from the Sahara desert to Antarctica. We have a robust history of working with aerospace, defense, and industrial partners, and take pride in our products meeting strict and industry-recognized standards.


Support Team

When you put a lot of thought and sweat into a product, you want to have the best support team on board. We understand that from time to time products fail, and that’s when our support team kicks into high gear. We don’t just make amazing products, we support them through their lifecycle.


50 Years of Experience

We’ve been in the business of building rugged computers since the early 90s, and specialized displays since the 1960s. We’ve developed relationships, products, and unique metrics that have led to industry awards, and some of the coolest applications of our tech in space.


Certified & Trusted

You can find our products in Navy ships, aerospace labs, commercial planes, airports, massive industrial production spaces, to home-grown mining rigs, audio studios, and vehicles. We are ISO certified, and meet or exceed many industry standards.

Why You Need Dry Bonding.

Why we apply the Dry Bond Process?

We create a bond between the cover glass and a screen(LCD or non-digital) using an optically clear polymer sheet. This process is performed in a vacuum chamber and yields void free lamination results. In simple terms, we dry bond layers to eliminate the air gap between a cover glass and the LCD screen.

Process Benefits:

  • Once the dry bond is applied, the final product is less likely to get foggy, and the bond is stable up to an altitude of 55,000 feet (tested).
  • Dry bonding is a more cost effective system to implement than wet-bonding, and yields faster turnaround time.
  • It is possible to add additional layers of optical substrates to improve resistance to boot-kick or ballistic applications.
  • The finished product exhibits excellent resistance to vibration/shock.
  • We offer multiple dry bond materials, with different amplitudes, that fit your frequency range needs.

Dry Bonding in Action


In a traditional, non-bonded LCD display, there is an air gap between the cover glass and the LCD panel, thus the optical clarity is reduced and the sunlight reflection is increased, making it difficult to use in outdoor applications.

Dry Bond - Step 1

Dry Bonded

Three layers are pressed together creating a ruggedized display with void-free results. The process also helps protect the display from dust and moisture.

When the layers are pressed together, the polymer layer fills the space between the cover glass and the LCD panel, removing the air between the layers.

Dry Bond - Step 3 Dry Bond - Step 4

The dry bond improves the optical clarity of the display and reduces reflection by approximately 8%, making it ideal in outdoor applications.

Dry Bond - Step 5

What Industrial Autoclaving can do for you.

What is Autoclaving?

Industrial autoclaving is an advanced process for enhancing lamination. Dry heat and pressure are introduced to the product layers, creating a strong seal. Minute air bubbles that exist in pre-autoclaved layers, are removed via the autoclave process - resulting in a product that performs as intended in extreme conditions.

If the air gaps are not removed, the product’s structural integrity can be weakened causing breakage or deformation of the bonded layers.

When you need to autoclave?

Industrial autoclaves are often used for "curing" materials, and making composite multilayer laminates.

Electronics used in high altitude and variable pressure situations are ideal candidates for this process, as are products requiring optical lamination, circuit boards, and materials that undergo severe stress.

Autoclaving is generally used when isostatic pressure must be applied to a workload of comparatively complex shape, in addition, high-performance components from advanced composites often requires autoclave processing.

Autoclave in Action


If the layers of a product have been bonded in some way, air bubbles, even those not visible to the naked eye, may still be present. This is where an autoclave can be especially useful.

Autoclave - Step 1


Once a product is placed in the autoclave, the chamber is then locked. Elevated pressure and heat are introduced into the chamber.

Autoclave - Step 2


After the heat and pressure have been equally dispersed, any remaining air bubbles are released into the autoclave chamber.

Autoclave - Step 3


When the process is complete, the layers of product become one. A forever bond has now been created.

Autoclave - Step 5

ECDIS Calibration

Why ECDIS calibration at Aydin Displays?

Aydin is one of the very few type certified companies worldwide - equipped to calibrated ECDIS displays.

Aydin offers color calibration as either part of a complete Type Approved product, or as a support service for your navigation displays. We have been in the marine business since our inception, and have garnered one of the strongest reputations for ECDIS calibration.

Once calibration is complete, displays and computers within an ECDIS can be interchangeable, this means that the calibration investment pays for itself when you are upgrading your system components. Imagine smooth servicing and maintenance with a longer life cycle for your system – that's the Aydin ECDIS Advantage.

Read More - White Paper

Slide the scroll bar above to see ECDIS vs Non-ECDIS calibration.

Hardware Customization Done Right.

Why we offer this option?

One of the keys to our success is having the flexibility to meet the exact needs of our customers, from one-off configurations to large production rollouts. Both Stealth and Aydin make customization the central tenet of our product research and development lifecycle.

Our customization allows not only hardware but branding add-ons. We are equipped to add custom colors, model and serial numbers - for your own asset tracking and control.

We are known for:

  • perm_data_setting

    Hardware integration

    All of our computer products are designed to be customizable and have options such as: multiple drives, RAID, DC and special power inputs, PCIe & PCI expansion slots, custom chassis designs, redundancy, NEMA/IP rated, high shock / vibration / temperature to name a few.

  • cloud_done

    Software integration & out-of-the-box readiness

    Many of our systems can be pre-loaded with standard operating systems, or we can install and manage your proprietary software. We specialize in end-to-end production, so that your new products arrive ready to operate - right out of the box.

  • memory

    Third-party integration

    We love a challenge, and have made a name for ourselves as the go-to team to build what others can’t or won’t. When standard rugged motherboards are not enough, we are happy to integrate special boards and hardware into a system for a completely custom solution that is unique to you. We will build the customization in, ship the systems fully tested - and save you time and a headache.

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