NSI Ultimate Marine Keyboard with Ergonomical Trackball

Fully compliant with IEC 60945 – IP67 sealing

  • Waterproof & Environmentally Sealed to IP67 standards when properly installed
  • Certificate of Conformity fully compliant with IEC60945
  • Separate numerical-, control- and function keypads
  • Integrated IP68 ergonomical trackball and scroll wheel
  • Dimmable backlighting at 8 levels by two dedicated keys
  • Front panel mounting by means of M4 threaded studs.
  • USB connector output

($1175 – If you have a requirement please
contact us for availability.)


The ultimate marine keyboard with built-in ergonomical trackball for the most demanding applications.

This 103 key backlit keyboard keyboard has a multi-functional layout with separate numerical- and control keypads and integrates a waterproof IP68 sealed ergonomical trackball with scroll wheel.

Industrial Approvals

IP67 sealed
IEC 60945


103 short travel switches, tactile feel switches with 0,3 mm travel and 2,55 N operating force
Ball diameter: 50,8 mm (2'')
Ball material: Epoxy resin, metallic grey
Ball load: 200N (20Kg) maximum downward pressure for 2 minutes @ 20°C
Resolvable ball speed: 30 IPS (inches per second)
Tracking force: 30-80 grams – PTFE seal
Trackball Removable ring style/colour: Bayonet style locking ring/black
Scroll Wheel diameter: Ø25mm
Scroll Wheel material: PC/ABS
Scroll Wheel color: Grey
Scroll Wheel Detent-scrolling force: 30 grams nominal
Mouse Buttons: 150 ± 50 grams force
Front layer: Black polyester front layer with embossed keys, scratch and chemical resistant

Temperature Range

Operating: -15C to +60C (+5F to +140F)


21.5"(W) x 8.42"(D) x 1.18"/2.51"(H) (547mm x 214mm x 30/64mm)

Connector / Input

Output: USB connector
Cable: 1 shielded, straight 1,6 m long


1 Year limited Warranty Standard

Model Numbers