SMALL form factor, BIG performance.

Less than 12" deep, Stealth’s model: SR-4550 short depth 4U Rack computer / server, is a space saving high performance machine – enclosed in a small footprint all-steel chassis, now available with powerful AMD Ryzen or Intel Core processors.


The Rugged Difference

Sealed. Versatile. Rugged.

Rugged displays are designed for use in the most demanding and harsh environments. Sparton Rugged Electronics LCD monitors are intuitive to use, easy to install, and are designed to survive in the toughest environments. All our models are built for applications in the industrial, marine & military markets.

Display options include touchscreen, special and propriety bonding, and screens that are environmentally sealed to NEMA/IP ratings to withstand the barrage of particles, dust, moisture, heat, salt and fog.

Sparton RE is known for both custom solutions, and pre-built configurations. Our displays are perfectly at home in a tugboat’s control room, an industrial plant, inside a police car, or the control room of a navy ship.

If your specific requirements mandate a custom display design, please contact our sales team.

Ideal solution for: high use, extreme conditions, direct sunlight, plant use, control rooms.

Go Fanless.

Cooling fans can draw in dirt and dust from their operating environments, potentially causing catastrophic failures and/or costly interruptions and downtime. Fanless computing adds increased reliability, durability and an excellent fit for many applications.

When a system is designed to be fanless, the chassis works like a heat-sink. This is where you get the famous fin-lines on many of our products.

Fanless by design, Sparton Rugged Electronics offers a range of quiet computers and displays that operate without the use of noisy cooling fans.

Ideal solution for: dusty environments, spaces without cooling systems, moist spaces, extreme conditions, industrial plant use, control rooms, and vehicles.


Marine & All-Weather

Designed specifically to withstand use in harsh marine environments, our displays are integral to the safety of the boat, as well as the enjoyment of the crew.

Our marine-grade rugged displays are engineered to handle extreme weather, light, and temperature conditions. The displays are environmentally sealed and built to stringent IP6x dust/splash proof standards. These marine displays also offer direct sunlight readable and touchscreen capabilities.

We are proud suppliers to the Navy as well as aeronautics industry. Our marine displays have been installed in space and water-faring ships: a testament to the build and quality of our products.

Displays range in NIT rated brightness, are water and dust resistant, which is why the possible applications for Marine display span much further than just water based systems.

A sub-set of the LPC line includes our wide-temp. models; these little monsters are able to withstand temperatures ranging from 0 – 40C. LPC models also come equipped with our standard Wide Range 9-48 VDC Input, ideal for mobile/field applications.

We have a nimble team of engineers that can customize our systems based on your needs, contact sales to inquire about this service.

Ideal solution for: wet, marine, salty, misty, bright, sealed.

COTS Military Marketplace

Sparton Rugged Electronics provides Defense / Military LCD Displays that are designed for some of the harshest conditions in military scenarios- land, air and on water. We are trusted by the navy and defense industry, and also provide a wide variety of Mil-COTS products.

When we refer to our line of COTS products, we are referring to Commercial Off-The-Shelf units. Our COTS units describes hardware products that we developed for military/defense use, and with some adjustments are now ready-made and available for sale to the general public and industrial/marine applications.

For military and aerospace applications that are not mission critical, it makes economic sense to utilize COTS parts with defined criteria for quality and build.

Our COTS products meet or exceed the AS9100 product quality protocol and includes compliance with a variety of relevant military standards for EMI, resistance, leakage, temperature, dielectric withstand, and others, such as MIL-STD-461 EMI standards.

Ideal solution for: marine, navy, military, ground mobile.

SR-1515 inside rear

Fully Custom Computers

One of the keys to our success is having the flexibility to meet the exact needs of our customers, from one-off configurations to large production rollouts and are built to AS9100B & ISO 9000:2015 quality standards.

All of our rugged industrial computers are fully customizable and are built to order. All of our 19″ Rack Mount servers and Small Form Factor Mini PCs can be configured directly online and quoted or ordered instantly.

Our Rackmount PC products available in a wide variety of sizes (1U, 2U, 3U, 4U) and have a configurable options such as memory, massive drive storage, networking, operating system and power supplies allowing you to equip your customer computer to best suit the needs of your application.

Our Small Form Factor lineup of Mini PCs offers many of the same custom configurable options as the Rackmount Computers but are designed for space-confined areas and offer additional unique features. Some of those unique features include wide temperature ranges, wide range DC input (for mobile) and expansion slot models.

If you don’t see it, please ask. We have a wide-range of existing products that may require slight changes to meet your needs, or we can work with you to design something new and unique.

We Carry

Rugged Peripherals

Keyboards & Pointing Devices

Our rugged keyboards, trackballs, pointing devices and industrial mouse products meet NEMA 4, 4X, 12, IP65 specifications and are ideal for wet, dirty and harsh environments.

NSI Peripherals

Sparton Rugged Electronics under the Aydin Marine brand is an Exclusive N.American distributor for NSI Keyboards & Trackballs.


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Spare parts, add-ons and accessories such as; mounting brackets, external drives, USB storage devices, Power Adapters and more.

Rugged Portables

Sparton Rugged Electronics offers a diverse range of rugged portable computers with performance and expansion capability not found in traditional notebook or laptop computers.

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