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Video Recording and Camera Solutions

Video Recording and Camera Features:

  • Simple To Use, Simple To Install, Plug & Play Action
  • High Definition Network Video Recorder with remotely start/stop activation using iPhone/Android via built-in WiFi
  • 30 FPS Real Time
  • Records all cameras at the same time
  • Remotely record video clip or snapshot to time-stamp action for quick
  • Live view and playback using your iPhone/iPad iOS devices
  • Transfer video clip or snapshot to your smartphone and email right Away without the need of a PC
  • POE hub (model NVR-8001) to connect up to 8 cameras
  • Built-in 2 TB hard drive


KNVR-8001 Network Video Recorder
The KNVR-8001 is designed by fishermen for fishermen. The result is the perfect video recording system for recreation and tournament fishing. With easy to use commands and remote operating capability, you get high definition footage of all your memorable moments instantly at your disposal. A built in network allows you to start and stop recording and immediately forward video to your friends and family via your iPhone, iPad or Android smart device.

Record and forget – It’s that simple. The KNVR-8001 lets you record multiple cameras all day or all week and can even mark events for easy retrieval. You will never miss any of the action again. The KNVR-8001 works wonderfully with most IP Cameras but is a proven Grand Slam when paired with Aydin Marine’s new KHD-MCAM Outrigger camera and KHD-MDOCK docking camera.

Cameras and CCTV Systems
Aydin Marine offers a wide selection of cameras and CCTV hardware and software for virtually all rugged applications and environments. Whether you wish to monitor one vessel, a fleet of ships or a complete harbor, we have a system readily available, Using the latest IP, HDSDI and analog hardware and software technologies, we can assist you with the perfect system that matches your specific requirements. Give us call or email and we will be happy to review your most challenging applications.

Orlaco Cameras
Aydin Marine is proud to be a US distributor for Orlaco Commercial Marine Cameras and Camera monitoring systems. Orlaco cameras are by far the toughest and most durable camera made for commercial marine applications. From the super compact color fixed cameras to the pan tilt zoom options, Orlaco offers IP69 waterproof and dustproof ratings, anti fogging and thermal regulated features.

Orlaco manufactures a full line of marine surveillance systems that include compact, self-cleaning, forklift, zoom, crane, pinhole and thermal imaging cameras. Orlaco’s high quality monitoring systems are ultra-durable for the harsh marine environment and will provide extra visual coverage for the enhanced situational awareness of a vessel, crew and surroundings that can effectively help prevent accidents, as well as provide easier and more comfortable maneuvering or operating of onboard equipment

Remote Access Box
The Aydin Marine Remote Access Box is any fisherman’s ideal solution. Simple and affordable, the Aydin Marine Remote Access Box is the alternative to scan for hotspots to provide Internet connectivity and to allow remote viewing of your HD camera system even when only a cellular Internet signal is available. It pairs perfectly with the Aydin Marine KNVR-8001 for remote  surveillance of your vessel without the need of expensive satellite WiFi or WiFi extender antennas that mainly allow you to browse the web with limited access for remote viewing of your camera video system or any other device such as your PC Remote Desktop.

Seatether Vessel Monitoring and Security System
The Seatether System from Aydin Marine is an amazing innovative all in one vessel monitoring and security system that you can easily access and view anywhere, anytime! Compact and easy to install, yet packed with powerful features that will provide you the peace of mind that your boat and belongings are safe and in top performance condition.


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Video Recording