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Good Vibrations

Our engineers are shaking things up — literally.

We put our displays to the test using a vibration shaker. This vibration shaker performs high-acceleration shock tests and can also be used for testing with sine, random and transient vibrations. It features top force and velocity parameters together with a usable vibration control frequency range from DC to 3 kHz.

Our engineers currently use the vibration shaker to perform Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) on some displays. Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) is for higher profile, high volume programs as a special requirement by the customer.…

MIL-Spec Cheat Sheet

Military standards, or MIL-STDs, are more than just alphabet soup.  They are used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Here are some commonly used MIL-STDs and what they mean:

What is it:
U.S. Navy defense standard that states that a piece of equipment mounted on a Navy ship will survive after a shock event, such as being hit by a missile or torpedo. We utilize the MIL-S-901D Lightweight Shock Machine Test, also known as the Hammer Test, to qualify our products to the MIL-STD Standard.…

Stealthbox Computer Survives 15 Years of Service

Above are two pictures of our 15 year old StealthBox Portable PC
1st pic, front view & 2nd pic where expansion card slots are ported out.

Stealth has been producing our Lunch Box style StealthBox portable computers for almost 20 years now. They have been ideal for all kinds of industry applications including PLC programmers, Portable Servers, Data Acquisition, Portable Video Editing, Instrumentation and any other application that requires expansion card slots along with desktop  processing power.…

The Most Common Touch Screen Technologies

One of the most common questions we receive with regards to touchscreens is which technology is best? Well it really depends on the application so here is the skinny on the main touch technologies available from Stealth Computer.Stealth Touch LCD

The four most common touch screen technologies include resistive, infrared, capacitive and SAW (surface acoustic wave). Each technology offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Resistive and capacitive touch screen technologies are the most popular for industrial applications.…