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New Organic Light Emitting Diodes from GE make a big step towards practical applications

GE has unveiled a successful demonstration of the world’s first roll-to-roll manufactured organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting devices.

In layman’s terms, the OLED is similar to how a newspaper is printed. This technique should help substantially drive down the cost of OLEDs which is currently reserved forOLED 14″ or smaller television screens costing thousands of dollars.

“Researchers have long dreamed of making OLEDs using a newspaper-printing like roll-to-roll process,” said Anil Duggal, manager of GE’s Advanced Technology Program in Organic Electronics.…

Stealths Little PC Attracts Big Media Attention

It is always nice to get noticed in the media. With our recent launch of our latest Little PC, the LPC-450PCI, we received literally hundreds of blog entries and news stories on the product from all around the world.

Here is a recent article published by ConnectITLPC-450PCI

Stealth launches mini PC with built-in PCI capability

3 March, 2008
By Chris Talbot

Stealth Computer Corp. has released a new small form factor mini PC with built-in PCI expansion slot capability.

Stealth Computer Corp. Introduces a Powerful Mini PC Featuring Built-in PCI Expansion Card Slot Capability

Stealths latest small form PC, the LPC-450PCI is now officially released. This diminutive sized machine utilizing Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo processor technology delivering generous processing power in a small sized computer system.LPC-450PCI

Of course the key benefit of this version of Small PC is the available expansion slot which will allow users to easily install an add-in PCI type card. The option of adding in specialized I/O, Video, and communications cards is a very valuable option for some customers.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Vista SP1 update causing endless reboots

Responding to reports of endlessly rebooting PCs from support groups last week, Microsoft said on Tuesday it has pulled the recent updates for the coming Windows Vista SP1vista-crack.jpg

The update is actually a pair of prerequisite files that modify Vista’s install components. This has been temporarily pulled from Windows update and Microsoft has not yet produced a fix for users whose machines either won’t boot or reboot constantly.

“Immediately after receiving reports of this error, we made the decision to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update to avoid further customer impact while we investigate possible causes,” said Nick White, a Vista program manager, in a post to the company’s blog Tuesday afternoon.

Stealth rackmount computers serving the Ontario Science Centre

Here’s an interesting application using our Stealth Rackmount computers.

The Ontario Science Centre, a science based museum in Toronto, Canada opened a new facility aimed at getting youth and young adults interested in science and technology. Over 50 different multi-media experiences were designed to inspire visitors to take on and find practical solutions to current world problems; merge art with science; and work with a variety of materials. Visitors are challenged to think differently about themselves and the world.