Intel’s latest CPU’s keeps Moores Law alive

Just when you thought we were nearing the end of Moores Law Intel kicks it up a notch.

The new Penryn series microprocessors are essentially a shrink of the current Core architecture that brought Intel back out of the woods in 2006. These are also the first chips to use Intel’s 45-nanometer manufacturing technology, leading the first change to the basic properties of the transistor since the 1960s.Intel Core CPU

Intel Corp will start production this week at a new $3 billion factory in Arizona called Fab 32 for the Penryn series chips.…

The ever popular LPC-350PCI Little PC with expansion slot

Our recent release of the new LPC-350PCI Expansion Slot ready LittlePC is turning out to be one of our most popular machines. There are still plenty of applications that require the use of a PCI expansion card. You will be hard pressed to find a PC this small (10″ x 5.8″ x 2.8″) that can accommodate one PCI card of up to 9.4″ (24 cm) in length. The LPC-350PCI is ideal for data acquisition, digital I/O and specialized communication and video cards.

One Laptop Per Child program is in production

Well it looks like the One Laptop per Child program originally founded by Nicholas Negroponte is starting to take shape. The program hopes to spread the sub-$200 computers to schoolchildren in developing countries.

The nonprofit spin-off from MIT said assembly lines for its “XO” laptops were fired up Tuesday at a Chinese factory run by manufacturer Quanta Computer Inc. That means children should begin getting the green-and-white computers in the next month or so. Negroponte, said in September that Quanta would build about 250,000 XOs this year, ramping to 1 million a month in 2008.

Phoenix introduces a technology thats allows a PC to boot in 4 seconds

While most of us wait anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes for our Windows machines to boot, Phoenix Technologies have come up with a way to avoid the delay.

Phoenix Technologies is best known for their BIOS (Basic Input Output System) – the firmware that starts the computer, initiates tests and serves as the interface between the machine and the operating system. The new technology, coined “Phoenix HyperSpace”, will be built on top of the existing BIOS and should be available on new Windows machines in the 6 to 9 month time frame.

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TuffTouch Industrial Grade LCD Monitor with rear-mounted powerful Mini PC

Introducing Our New: TuffTouch Industrial Grade LCD Monitor with rear-mounted powerful Mini PC

Our powerful Small computer can be installed or removed in less than 1 minute with the easy-connect rear bracket. Stealth’s TuffTouch is a rugged, NEMA rated industrial grade LCD monitor ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

The option of having a high performance computer integrated to the LCD opens the doors for numerous applications. No longer do you need to run cables or install computers in separate locations.