APC Back-UPS, 900VA, 120V – BN900M-CA


  • Small Form Factor
  • 480Watts / 900VA, 120V
  • Power up to 6 devices
  • Energy Star V1.0
  • 3 Years Manufacturers Warranty

$100.00 USD


Power and protect all of your critical electronics while maintaining your internet connection during prolonged outages. The new and improved APC Back-UPS BN900M-CA keeps you connected to what matters the most by providing more runtime and battery backup outlets than ever before.

Stay connected to what matters
The APC Back-UPS BN900M-CA optimizes home and small business uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) by focusing on the most critical aspects of power protection:

More Runtime:
Power your critical electronics for longer than ever before; the BN900M-CA is capable of powering your wireless networking equipment for nearly 6 hours after safely shutting down your PC or other high powered devices.

More Battery Backup Outlets:
Power more of your critical electronics during a power outage; the BN900M-CA has enough outlets to power up to 6 devices at once. Added Convenience: Wide outlet spacing allows you to plug in bulky transformer plugs without covering other outlets.

Smaller and Lighter:
The new BN900M-CA is smaller and lighter than previous models, allowing you to easily relocate and position your UPS in any environment. Never let a power disruption interrupt your life again, with the new APC Back-UPS powering your critical electronics:

  • – Check email
  • – Stream movies and TV shows
  • – Make phone / video calls
  • – Check and update social media
  • – Continue gaming
  • – Maintain home automation and security systems

Perfect companion to Stealth’s LittlePCs

The small size of the APC Back-UPS BN900M-CA makes it a perfect fit along side our line-up of Stealth LittlePC / Mini PC products. This small form factor APC power backup is an available option for all LittlePC models and can also be purchased separately.

APC Backup Power Specifications

For product specifications and user manual please click on the Downloads tab for more information on this model.