See What Customers Say About Stealth

We thrive on customer feedback and ask each and every company, person or organization we do business with to tell us how we measure up. Customer feedback is vital to any business and the best spokespeople are always the ones that have first hand experience.

Here is a sample of some of the feedback we have received.

Stealth Computers has always provided prompt service, excellent support, and quality products. It has been the only company for many years that we would purchase our specialty computers from.

D.G., Lead Engineer
General Electric

We are very impressed with the hardware we purchased. It was delivered on time, is compact, portable, reliable, and fast. Thanks for making a great product.


Your company made looking for an industrial computer a lot easier.

Eaton Corp.

Just wanted to let you know, the SV-1700-HB is installed and working fine at the Indiana World War II Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. It fixed ALL of our visibility issues, made the WWII vets extremely happy, and finally put the lid on a project I’ve been wrestling with for 5 years.

A very satisfied customer,

Indiana War Memorials

I cannot think of any improvements needed. I have had great service from the support team there. The PC’s we purchased have been like the Eveready Bunny….keeps on going. I have given you name to other Departments who have seen our setup.


The Little PC, both spinning disk and flash, fits perfectly into our seismic data acquisition systems. We have one running in the Falkland Islands with over 200 days of continuous uptime and zero problems, and another recently installed in Saudi Arabia in horrible environmental conditions and performing like a champ.

University of California

Stealth remains a pretty impressive – customer focused company and my points were oriented at further improving your already great organization. With the explanation you have provided, I better understand the situation and appreciate why this may have occurred. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the quick feedback – you obviously read and analyze the information provided by your customers – all to your credit and advantage!


Stealth has proven to be a reliable partner to ABB Inc.


We received the monitor a couple weeks ago and have connected it up to

our test stand PC. Like the first one we received, it has functioned
flawlessly so far and possesses no dead pixels that I can observe. I
have recommended their use other teams in light of the great price
point and functionality.

Robbins Air Force Base

Always a pleasure working with your people and the products are never a headache.

Nucor Steel

Thank you very much for Stealth Computer’s prompt attention to all areas of our order. It was very much a pleasure working with such a professional group. Again, Thank You!


Computers and monitor arrived fine, powered up with no problems. I wish all my vendors were so good….

Sincere Thanks!

L. Systems Design

Your computers have helped us is size and mobility in vehicles to complement our companies needs.

XM Radio

Thank you for your e-mail, and thank you for taking time out to talk to the little guys! We are extremely happy with the performance of the little PC’s and the after sales service I have received when things do go wrong has been excellent!

You are building a fine company
Kind regards,

Captain, Blue Moon


Johnson Controls

I just wanted to let you know that you guys have an excellent technical support group!

Thank you very much,

NASA Goddard

I was very impressed with the way that I was kept in the loop on the status of my order; well done

National Arts Centre

Thanks. I have received all three units. The first unit has been great! I am using it for a router with a FreeBSD based router called pfSense. It has done an excellent job. Moreover, I have been extremely pleased that it has been able to boot-up all of the different operating systems I have thrown at it: Debian, Red Hat and FreeBSD. (This is more than I can say about other several other small-form PC’s that I have purchased.)

So far it has been a pleasure working with Stealth Computers.

CB Daniels

Thank you for looking out for us. By the way, you should know that all of the machines we have purchased from you are working great and help us to improve our reliability and quality.


I recently ordered a little pc and was told it would take a couple weeks. It took like 2 days! I am very impressed. Kudos on a job well done.



You guys have a great process in place … as evidenced by the ISO certification. Hopefully our experience helped with the design evolution.

We love how the boxes adapt to a myriad of customer demands. Just installed two of the PCI boxes into an FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) research aircraft. Flight tests with NASA reconvene next week.
Thanks again.

S. Aeronautics

We have had Stealth systems for over ten years and they are working great. When it is time to replace these units we will definitely contact stealth.

DG, American Gypsum

I had worked with Stealth previously and knew what to expect. The product and company met and exceeded my expectations once again. We are very pleased with the product. Perfect fit for our application. The PC is installed in a prominent local television transmitter site and is providing the access control, intrusion detection and CCTV headend platform. No problems during installation, configuration and acceptance testing. Will definitely use your services and products again.

Hiller Co.

My sales rep has been very helpful with my purchases. He helped out immensely the first time I ordered from Stealth getting my systems in record time which has led us to repeat orders!

QNX Software

The computers themselves have been powered on since purchase and have performed flawlessly.

An excellent product!

Dept. of Homeland Security

I was quite pleased with the purchasing experience I had with your company. The Sales rep. was very helpful and the products are working very nicely together.

US Naval Academy

A company that is a pleasure to do business with.


I am very pleased with my Stealth products. I will continue to buy them as well as suggest them to others inside and outside of my company.

BAE Systems

I love the little PC’s. We are deploying them in conference rooms and areas with little ventilation. Built in blue tooth would go a long way to make them easier to deploy. Other than that they are great boxes…

Baron Funds

It is a pleasure to do business with you and Stealth Computer.

Naval Research Lab

As a point of feedback, your company’s customer and sales service was excellent.

Discovery World

I was able to find all of the information I was looking for on-line. Whoever runs your website does an excellent job!

BuhlerPrince Inc

I purchased three LCD touch monitors for my application. In my opinion, these are absolutely the best monitors in their class, for performance, quality and easy set-up. My compliments to Stealth!


We ordered several computers from you a couple of months back. We are very satisfied with the quality of these computers and would like you to ask for another quote for different order.

Tech Scientific

I wanted to inform your company that the Little PC that was ordered for my fire department is in the process of being configured now. There is only one problem. It’s so nice and so quite that I want one. 🙂

You guys make a very nice product.

Bellevue Fire Dept

We have also recently purchased one of your Stealthboxes for the marketing department. Their comments were “the Stealth is fabulous – it’s sleek, polished, professional and sexy. It also runs like a dream. ” They use this at trade shows all over the world, and are getting excellent comments.

So that is a good sign. Just wanted to let you know that we have been very impressed with your computers, and our customers are as well. I like to let suppliers know if we impressed (or unimpressed 🙂


I would like to say a really big thank you for all your help to do with our recent purchase order, the goods were received in a timely and efficient manner which was much appreciated from us and our customer. We have no hesitation in using you in the future.


The new PC is working very well. Thanks for your help with this application. I especially appreciate your technical input and ability to expedite my order. You and your company will now be my sole source for Industrial PC’s.


Industrial Automation

Great little computers! We are happy with the performance and peripherals.

Thank you for a dependable product.

Horiba ATS

We are VERY happy with the new LPC-450G3! In fact, we are considering building all of our gateways around this product.


Very prompt responses and well detailed quotes

Excellent to work with


I appreciate all the effort you have made in prompt responses and understanding the urgency of my need. It’s a refreshing change from my recent experience with another company.