Our Facilities

Aydin Displays

Our Birdsboro, Pennsylvania facility houses a total operational space of approximately 40,000 square feet, of which 30,000 is dedicated to the design and manufacture of military, industrial and marine flat panel displays. Our facility supports approximately 100 employees, including about 20 engineering professionals.

Our state of the art facility is equipped with the following areas designated for:

  • Optical Lamination
  • LCD  & Touch Screen Enhancement
  • Warranty Service and Repairs
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Engineering Design Mechanical / Electrical / System Integration / Software
  • R&D Lab
  • Warehouse Bulk and Component Level Secured Area
  • Inspection Incoming Receipt and Final
  • ESS Thermal Lab
  • Government Bonded Storage
  • Sunlight Readable / Optical Enhancements Lab
  • ECDIS Calibration Lab

Download the Aydin Displays Facility Snapshot:

A look inside the Walls of Aydin Displays

A peek at our dry bonding process

An employee carefully works in the wet lamination room


Stealth’s world headquarters operates from two adjoining buildings with a total operational space of 21,000 square feet. The company owned facilities meets regulatory approvals for environmental and security and as well provides adequate space for future expansion.

Our highly-secure primary facility includes areas designated for:

  • Production & Assembly
  • stealthbuilding266Systems Integration
  • Secure Inventory
  • Test and Burn-in
  • Packaging, Preparation, Labeling
  • Incoming Inspection, Controlled Goods
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Demonstration Lab
  • LCD Touchscreen Integration
  • Engineering & R&D facilities
  • Secure Storage (Customer Goods)
  • Service Support and Repair
  • ESD Controller Area

Key Operational Activities

Stealth designs, builds, tests, services, packages and ships industrial rugged and specialized computer products for industrial and commercial applications. Most products are built and configured at our headquarters in Woodbridge. Complete product control is managed by Stealth through a certified Quality Management System and audited twice annually to the strict ISO 9001 guidelines.

Stealth provides complete customer life-cycle management, through the investment of ERP/CRM software, giving the company a true 360-degree view of its operations and activities.

Download the Stealth.com Facility Snapshot:

A look inside the Walls of Stealth


Stealth.com front lobby with awards cabinet


Rackmount Server Production and Configuration


LittlePC (Small Form Factor Computer) Production and Configuration Area


Stealth’s clean room, 40ft X 14ft in size
and is ISO certified with a Class 7 rating