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History – Rugged Electronics

Sparton Rugged Electronics (RE) is the integration of two great companies acquired by Sparton Corporation with the vision to build a full product solution for the rugged world; Aydin Displays and Stealth.com drive this vision forward. The combination of our team’s assets under the Sparton RE umbrella brings tremendous value for our customers.

We accomplish this goal through the following key areas:


We have 50 years of experience in meeting the military specifications and requirements combined with 25+ years in supporting the industrial and marine marketplaces. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, expertise and specialized workforce in “ruggedizing” our products for these harsh environments.

Product Customization Capabilities

We have a full complement of local engineering resources allowing us to customize all of our products to meet and exceed our customers specific requirements. We are a one-stop shop, designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting our entire product line.

Quality and Operational Excellence

We aim to provide the highest quality standards possible for our product lines, and then we deliver on our commitment. Our products are built as premium products for a challenging environment. Our quality is measured in everything we do, from the products we build, the detailed drawings and data sheets to the certifications we secure to prove our offering delivers. We drive continuous improvements through regular customer surveys, and listen to our customers’ needs and adapt to their environment.

Product Portfolio

Our offering supports four distinct marketplaces: defense, air traffic control, marine and industrial sectors with a full complement of solutions from PCs, servers, displays and peripherals for the rugged world. Our solutions drive two main functions for our customers: we ruggedize and enhance our solutions for the demanding marketplace.

Sales Model

We offer you the flexibility to choose the connection that best meets your needs. We have the combination of both a relationship and transactional model for you to choose from, if you need to customize a solution or just procure a standard offering. Our business development teams have decades of experience supporting the needs of our customer base, through bids and proposals, proof of concepts and program management. We execute our transactional model via our website and cloud base ERP system supported by our inside account managers via our digital systems and eCommerce platforms. Our relationship drives customized solutions whilst our transactional model allows us to stay nimble and flexible with the agility to deliver products in quickly.

Customer Breadth

We support a wide array of B2B customers, from governments, all branches of the military, prime contractors, global Fortune 500, universities, VARS and integrators. We adapt our offering based on the various industries we support and integrate these learnings throughout our product lines.

We combine these ingredients through our most important asset – our people. Sparton RE has an extremely talented team of dedicated and experienced professionals that embody excellence and teamwork. Driven to succeed, the group has diverse expertise and backgrounds across many disciplines with the focus on our customers.