History – Aydin Displays

Aydin Displays is a former division of the Aydin Corporation, which was formed in 1967. In 1998, Aydin Displays was purchased by Video Display Corporation (VDC), but remained intact, thus ensuring that no capabilities were lost.

In 2005, Aydin Displays acquired the Innovative Display Systems (IDS) division of Three-Five Systems (TFS). That same year, VDC announced the further expansion of Aydin Displays through the merging of two sister companies (XKD Corporation of Morgan Hills, CA, and Teltron Technologies, of Birdsboro, PA) into the Aydin infrastructure. In 2006, Aydin acquired EDL Displays.

Our Future

In August 2013, Aydin Displays was acquired by Sparton Corporation, signaling a huge leap forward for innovation in Aydin’s capabilities and resources.

Since then, Aydin itself has acquired Industrial Electronic Devices (IED) and KEP Marine, again, greatly expanding Aydin’s capabilities and broadening our customer reach in the Industrial and Marine markets.

These mergers and acquisitions have allowed us to expand the line of products we offer, while still providing support for key legacy products from the acquired companies.

Aydin Displays is located northwest of Philadelphia in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Aydin’s facility is approximately 40,000 square feet, of which 30,000 is dedicated to the design and manufacture of military, industrial, and marine flat panel displays, and supports approximately 100 employees.