Customer Service

At Sparton Rugged Electronics, we have a commitment to our customers that goes beyond the standard supplier/vendor relationship. We take pride in offering products with superior performance, and we extend this level of performance into our exceptional customer service.

Our staff of experienced customer service representatives and technicians are available to provide you with the prompt technical support and first class customer assistance, should it be required.

Before you contact us, please read the following information:

If you need technical support or if you have questions regarding your Sparton Rugged Electronics product, you have several contact options to choose from:

For warranty/non-warranty repairs, you may email or call 610-404-5370 or 610-404-5332

For customer service/sales support, email or call 610-404-5353

You may fax your request to us at 610-404-8190

If you email or fax us, we will typically contact you the same day that we receive your request (unless it is past 3:30 PM EST).


  • Please send or have the following information readily available to us in your first contact:
  • Sparton Rugged Electronics Model Number or Part Number
  • Your Original Purchase Order Number
  • Sparton Rugged Electronics Product Serial Number
  • Detailed Description of Failure
  • Ship To/Bill To Addresses
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number

RA Numbers

In order to better process and track all repair inquiries and returns, we will assign you a return authorization (RA) number. Please use your RA number on any shipping documents, packages and/or purchase orders. Please refer to your RA number when inquiring about your unit.

Packaging Your Product for Return

If you are making a return for repair, please make sure that your unit is packaged securely to avoid any damage to the returned unit during shipment. We also advise you to insure the unit for the proper amount should it be damaged during transit to us.

Sparton Rugged Electronics Warranty Policy

Buy with confidence. Sparton Rugged Electronics offers a one-year warranty on flat panel displays, and rugged products. Marine products have a 2-year parts and 1-year labor warranty. If at any time during the warranty period your product fails to operate within specification, Sparton Rugged Electronics will (at our option) replace or repair the unit at no charge. Extended warranties are available upon request. To learn more about our warranties, click one of the links below:

Sparton Rugged Electronics Marine Warranty
Standard Warranty

In-Warranty Repairs

As long as your unit is under warranty, we will repair it, or if necessary replace it, at no charge. The standard turnaround time for repairs is 5 business days after receipt of the unit. All repairs are warranted for 90 days after the date of the shipment or the remaining of the original warranty, whichever is longer.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

If your unit is no longer under warranty, we will perform an evaluation and estimate the repair cost on Sparton Rugged Electronics products within 7-10 business days of the receipt of the unit and within 60-90 business days for XKD products. We will then contact you to advise you on the repair cost. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the repair. The standard turn-around time for repairs to Sparton Rugged Electronics products is 10-14 business days and 60-90 business days for XKD products after evaluation of the unit. All repairs are warranted for 90 days after the date of the shipment.

Data Backup

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to backup the contents of their hard drive or other media, including any data you have stored or software you have installed on storage devices. Sparton Rugged Electronics shall not be responsible for i) any loss of data due to storage media failure, ii) for any software programs, data or other information stored or used on any media or part of any product returned to Sparton Rugged Electronics for warranty and non-warranty servicing. If during servicing the contents of the hard disk or any other data storage media are altered, deleted, modified or lost, Sparton Rugged Electronics shall not be held responsible. It is solely the customers/purchasers/end-users/returnees responsibility to back up any software programs, data, or information stored on any storage media or any part of a product returned for servicing.

Sales Terms & Conditions

Click here to reference our standard Sales Terms & Conditions that govern all quotations and sales. (Insert link to “terms and conditions of Purchase order” that is already on the website now).

In order to return goods back to Sparton Rugged Electronics please note the following.

Please complete this form to return material back to Sparton Rugged Electronics for repairs, upgrades, warranty, demo return or credit.

Once this form is submitted you will receive an acknowledgment via email that we have received your request and are processing your RMA#.

A second email will follow within 24 business hours with your authorized RMA# (Return #) and detailed instruction including our address for returning your goods.