We love to learn about the applications Stealth products are used in.

For 25 years Stealth Computer has delivered products that serve the exact needs of our customers.

Stealth products are supplied to a diversified range of markets that include; Aerospace, Chemicals/Petro, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Telecom/Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Pulp and Paper, Government/Defense, Universities and Academia, Museums/Public Displays and Miscellaneous industries.

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Enclosed below please find some interesting applications we have been involved with.


Application: Industrial Automation

  • Stealth products are frequently used in industrial automation applications for HMI, SCADA & Process/Discrete Control applications
  • Popular HMI software such as Wonderware, Iconics, GE-CIMPLICITY and others perform exceptionally well with Stealth products


Application: Mobile Computing (wheelchair)

  • Empowering verbally challenged people to communicate
  • Stealth’s Little PC system used with an interactive Touchscreen to choose verbal commands
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Application: Marine Computing & Navigation

  • Stealth products are used in Private Yachts, Boats and Ships for navigation, communication and entertainment systems.
  • Sealed PCs and High Brightness Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors are deployed in numerous marine applications around the globe


Application: High Resolution Aerial Mapping

  • LittlePC deployed on a helicopter for a high-resolution terrain mapping application
  • Stealth’s Little PC system and Rugged Keyboards are used
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Application: Observatory – Sky Image Quality

  • Measuring the Sky Image Quality at Cerro Pachón in central Chile (elevation 8895 ft/2737 m)
  • Stealth’s 1U Rackmount PC and Slim LCD / Keyboard Drawer uses as part of their control systems
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  • Stealth’s LCD Monitors and Touchscreens have been deployed in many museums, art galleries and public display areas around the globe
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Application: Entertainment Simulators

  • Entertainment Simulators use Stealth Rack Servers and LCD products to control sound, video and motion. Products have been shipped to many places around the globe for the ultimate entertainment experience.
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Application: Science Based Museum

  • A total of 77 Stealth 2U high availability Servers run more than 50 interactive multimedia experiences that inspire visitors to take on and find practical solutions to current world problems & merge art with science.
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Application: Outdoor Kiosk (Sunlight Readable LCD)

  • Stealth High Brightness LCD monitors are used in outdoor and high ambient light conditions where a typical monitor would be washed out.
  • This photo shows a kiosk at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas where the sun is very bright!


Application: Entertainment – Lights, Sound Action

  • Stealth products are used in the entertainment industry controlling sound, lights and various servos. From stage shows in Las Vegas to touring rock bands. Stealth products need to perform when it counts.


Application: Digital Signage, Elevator Display

  • Stealth designed, and built over 1000 rugged LCD monitors for an elevator advertising application in high end financial buildings.
  • Enclosed in stainless-steel with a scratch resistant front bezel and displaying real time information through broadcast video.


Application: Mapping Out Afghanistan

  • Digital mapping application utilized vehicle mounted Stealth servers that could take high shock, vibration and temperature variations in the Afghan desert. Stealth products stood the test!