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Sparton Rugged Electronics under the brands of Aydin Displays & Stealth offer displays, computers and other ruggedized electronics for the defense, marine, industrial and air traffic control markets. We are part of the Sparton Corporation, a global leader with over 100 years of experience in the contract design and manufacture of electromechanical devices for the military, aerospace and other industries.

The leading provider of industrial-grade computer systems, displays and peripherals for rugged environments.


The leading expert in rugged display technology for the military, industrial, marine and air traffic control markets



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Defense / Military Displays

For the harshest conditions in military scenarios- land, air and on water. Our Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Military Series offers a range of displays designed for the defense market place.

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Rack PCS & Servers

High performance 19″ Rack Mount Servers and Rackmount Computer products with a wide range of configurations. Custom configured and built to order.

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Industrial LCD Monitors

Our NEMA Rated LCD Monitors come with various Touch Screen & Sunlight Readable Options. Designs include Panel, Rack and OEM / Open Frame configurations.

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LittlePCs / Mini PCs

LittlePCs are small form factor Mini PCs designed to fit in space-confined areas, deliver high performance & available in a variety of configurations.

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